My rebuttal to JTankers

Sir, with respect, get a god damn life.

Five minutes of Googling has revealed to me that you are either a composite of dozens or hundreds of like-minded individuals building a body of work over the past year, in an effort to build a persona the likes of which has not been seen since Usenet, or you are easily the most dedicated forum troll in history.  You have posted almost literally everywhere there is the merest mention of the letters L, H and C together, as JTankers (5080 results), James Jr (363 results), James / James Jr / James Jr C Tankersley (362 results, though in fairness this overlaps somewhat with James Jr).

You even founded your very own site, whose very domain name is steeped in partisanship by proclaiming to host “facts” about the LHC, as though you were going to populate it with nothing but figures about the size and dimensions of the various parts — you know, actual facts.  And in every post you ignore rebuttals, post links to discredited articles repeatedly (including those that you have posted in my blog), and generally look like the very picture of someone nursing a serious anxiety disorder after having gotten your head rattled by an IED on your last tour.

Therefore, I have determined that rebutting you is impossible, as others have tried and failed, and I have neither the time nor the patience to try my hand at a Sisyphean task.  Jodi gave me some advice when I first started researching a real rebuttal — that is, to let it go.  And with this parting shot, I am.

You are a hypocrite and a bully, and I have no time for you or your ilk.  Any further posts by you will be summarily replaced with ridiculous nonsense and any attempts at linking your site to mine (which is the real reason you post on even backwater Canadian blogs with a readership of 5) will be removed.  Goodbye.

My rebuttal to JTankers
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2 thoughts on “My rebuttal to JTankers

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    Fair enough Jason,

    I’m a real person and if you change your mind before high energy collisions begin in October then I would be happy to answer any of your questions. (The odds are probably slightly in favor of safety, but no one knows, that’s my point.)

    Cheers from Wisconsin

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