The downtime that was not downtime

It looks like my home internet connection is blocked somehow from connecting to this server (either my site or Jodi’s), but when I’m logged into my work VPN, I can connect to it fine.  I have to wonder about this — how many other home consumer-class cable or DSL accounts are blocked?  How many people out there tried to get to my site but couldn’t, because of this blacklisting?  And how would they, or I, know?

I’m on hold with Webserve’s technical support now, while waiting for supper to cook.  Hopefully the answer will be forthcoming.

The downtime that was not downtime

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    It’s still going on. Tech support told me she was “just in training”, gave me another number to call (I assume I had called the outsourced tech support and she gave me the in-house one), which when I called it went to voicemail after about 20 minutes of waiting on hold. I tried their live chat option, nobody answered and my chat question went to their e-mail box. It said they try to answer all queries within 24 hours, however it’s been over that and I haven’t gotten a response. I’m posting this by VPN-ing into my work network.

    Technically this is a misuse of company internet resources, but for the few hundred bytes of data transfer I’m sure they won’t mind. Especially where the tradeoff is they get to keep me, given that they just lost their other site’s guy and need me to cover. My stock is up in the company, and it’ll take more than posting to my blog to get them to fire my ass, so I’m not worried.

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