Open source really and truly rocks.

If you didn’t believe me before, check this out.  This was done with Blender, which was a commercial app until 2002 when the company who created it went under.  They then offered anyone to buy the source code, and the open source community ponied up — to the tune of $147,000 US.  Six years later, the code is improved to the point where it can create stuff like this.  And I dare you to tell me this is any less than Pixar quality.

Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

Open source really and truly rocks.
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11 thoughts on “Open source really and truly rocks.

  1. Me

    Now now, lets not jump to name calling. I have viewed said video in both the evil empires internet explorer and in the delightful open source Firefox. Said video is better in Firefox which leads me to the conclusion that Clifton is nothing more then a sad pathetic dupe of the large multinational corporations that rule today’s world. But then when you meet Clifton in person and see his low protruding brow and small close set, shifty eyes, you would come to the conclusion that he is a person without the fortitude to forge his own way in the world and entire dependent upon society to make his decisions for him. Thus he obviously uses IE and can’t possibly comprehend the subtlety of the video when viewed as it was meant to be, in Firefox.

    Yes there are a few problems with it, but they are nothing to do with the software, more to do with the skill of the animators. For instance the grass doesn’t sway properly when the rabbit walks through it. This is something only a true connoisseur of the animation art, such as myself, would pick up on. A philistine such as Clifton would see something like this and blame it on the software when it is so obviously not the case.

    All in all a fine example of the great work open source can perform. Thank you Tibo for once again attempting to enlighten your readers, however I fear it is really nothing more then casting pearls before swine.

  2. 6

    1) Yes, I’m using IE
    2) Doesn’t matter if its the software’s fault or the animator’s fault, if its fucked up, its fucked up re: grass
    3) All of this is moot, since I haven’t actually watched the video yet.

  3. Me

    Just as I feared Video=pearls : Clifton=swine. There are always going to be those that will never understand.

    As an added thought, Clifton could be eligible for a disabled parking sticker for his car.

  4. 9

    Holding conversations across four different threads simultaneously is kinda jarring. Your thoughts start to bleed together across them.

    The Vimeo streamer is Flash-based, much like Youtube or many of those streaming porn sites Clifton uses. As a result, it won’t matter whether you’re using Firefox or IE. In either case, the actual delivery method is a proprietary Flash program. Luckily Adobe opened the Flash format recently, to compete with Microsoft Silverlight, so we should be seeing open-source implementations of the Flash protocol that can actually handle Flash 9 stuff and streaming FLVs soon enough.

  5. 10

    So I wasn’t being an idiot when I downloaded firefox, then Flash, and thought, “What the fuck difference is this going to make?” and then didn’t notice a difference. That’s excellent, as it doesn’t take away from my being an idiot the rest of the time.

  6. 11


    Yeah, you didn’t need to download Firefox. But for fucks sake, use it. IE is crap in a pretty box with a ribbon. Using IE is like screwing the Internet without protection. And given the sites you frequent, Clifton, you really ought to be using protection.

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