Dude, I wasn’t even aware I could run, being Canadian and all. Oh well, anything to keep McCain out of office!

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13 thoughts on “ME FOR PREZ?!

  1. 3

    What if I tack really far to the right to try to steal McCain’s votes? You know, the people who want more war and zero percent taxes for every tax bracket above 100,000? I could (rightly) point out that both candidates are for abortions, and could claim that I’m so anti-abortion that I would like to make sure that every girl above the age of 18 is in a permanently pregnant state. We could accomplish this by telling people that sex is perfectly okay after you reach 18, but before it, God will smite you down.

    Remember, once you’re elected, you can do any fucking thing you want, no matter how contrary to your promises you are. All you have to do is ignore any attempt at bringing you to justice. Works great so far for Bush.

  2. Me

    Well if you’re going to behave like that you’ll need a secret police force. And lucky for you I have no interest in the public spot light so you can be assured I will remain in the shadows and do your evil bidding for you. I only ask for a full pardon at the end of your term

  3. 8

    Once again, can we change the title of First Lady? I really don’t like that, I want to be called something cool….. hmm Also, can I be a secret ninja in Bob’s secret police force?

  4. 9

    I’ll do you one better — since apparently pardons can be used to preemptively pardon someone who hasn’t even been accused of a crime now (c.f. the Bush administration again), I’ll pardon you on my inauguration day.

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