Still haven’t gotten to the supposed two-fer from yesterday

Tomorrow I’m destined for a last-second panic-attack-induced road trip to another work site wherein I will have to perform duties I estimate as being about 30 hours of work in much, much less than that. No cracks about the Scotty rule either — I’m serious when I estimate that’s how much work it will normally take to perform the toning out and migrating of 20 computers and VoIP lines, especially where any number of these lines might be set up to use Cat3 instead of Cat5. That’s right, VoIP (including PoE) on Cat3. Possible, but hairy as hell.

Anyway, I’ll eventually finish that draft I’m working on, but it’ll probably have to be tomorrow night. A teaser — it’s about my thoughts on the “resolution of the universe”. I won’t explain that until you see the post itself.

Still haven’t gotten to the supposed two-fer from yesterday
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8 thoughts on “Still haven’t gotten to the supposed two-fer from yesterday

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    Sorry dude, this is going to sound stupidly paranoid, but I’ve been scrupulously avoiding even mentioning names of cities where work sites might be. But to your question, yes, it is exactly where you think it is.

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    i wuz in ur news cafe drinkin ur coffees

    Just finished, so I’m packing up to go now — and man do I want to get out of here, otherwise I’d wait. Yeah, there’s another blog post in this. Fucking ridiculousness is what you mean.

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    I have never been in my news cafe drinkin anything. Its $2.85 plus tax and deposit for a fuckin pepsi. 3 years, never been there once.

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