A genuine blast from the past.

I moistened my proverbial panties when I saw this.

For those of you who don’t know, I love the Mega Man series, and for Capcom to come out with a new game, in 2008, modelled after the original 8-bit NES series, makes every geeky cell in my body squeal with delight.

How much do I love Mega Man?  Why, this much:

A genuine blast from the past.
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6 thoughts on “A genuine blast from the past.

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    I wish they would come out with a game that I like sometime soon 🙁
    I’m excited about Spore, but I miss my action/adventure games that I used to play like Head Hunter, Dino Crisis, Blue Stinger, Tomb Raider.
    A remake of Omikron would be fabulous, it had such a cool plot.

  2. 4

    Omikron’s first-person shooter sections were horrid. The remake had better vastly improve on them. Also, the fighting sections were okay, but pretty repetitive. The adventure sections were the best, and the idea of jumping body to body was kind of cool. I’ll tell you the truth — I didn’t find the “your soul is now in the Dreamcast” plot gimmick to be all that interesting. It was kind of hack-ish, really. I can’t suspend disbelief to that degree, I guess.

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