Wherein I try my hand at moving and carpentry

Sorry I’ve been mostly quiet this past week.  I spent much of the week building a proxy server to use at work, then having a higher-up (not my boss, but the “network architect” for the company) smack me down for doing so despite a “corporate solution” already being in place.  Forgive me for wanting to build a server locally without costing the company a cent, as opposed to piping all our internet traffic out through a VPN connection over the public internet to a site in Ontario, then having it piped back through the same VPN.  Can you say “slow as ass”?  Anyway, so that was most of my work week (and time off as well — I can get pretty OCD when I get onto a big project), and it was all scuttled in the end anyway.  I plan on discussing the options with my boss when he’s off his vacation, and before I go on mine.  Maybe I can convince him that this “corporate solution” isn’t so good a solution without major infrastructure upgrades for cross-site bandwidth.

Packing is progressing slowly.  Our dining room is now overrun with boxes, and most of the decorations and such are all down.  Yesterday I helped ReformedYankee’s family move not one, not two, but three families’ worth of stuff yesterday — on top of moving his family’s stuff to their new house, I had to help his parents move out, and his sister got a bunch of appliances out of the move, so we had to figure a way of getting the things down into their basement down a very thin flight of stairs.  It was muggy all day, so it was a very sweaty move.  By the time I got home, I smelled something fierce.  And I’m paying for the strain today — I haven’t been this sore in a while.  It’s a good kind of sore, though.  (I hope.  For my back’s sake.)  It also means I have one guaranteed committed helper for my own rapidly-approaching move.

I also did some creative furniture alteration yesterday — I cut off the side display case from our big entertainment stand, so the remainder will fit better in our new environs once we’re all moved in.  I might chop up the old upright closet as well, to use it to rebuild the display case as a separate unit.  It’ll probably need a paint job if I do, though, since the veneer is different.

It’d be nice if I had a circular saw.  Or at least a sawhorse.  I’m not much of a carpenter, but I know that putting the board on an exercise step and kneeling on it while you use a jigsaw to cut an almost-straight line according to a pencil crayon mark, isn’t the preferred method of carpentry.  One of these days, I’ll build myself an arcade cabinet, like I’ve been dreaming of for years and years.  When that day comes, it’d be nice to have decent tools to do it with.

We’re planning on having a housewarming party on August 23rd.  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll e-mail you the details (Jodi even made up a flyer with a map).  Don’t worry, I already know all your e-mail addresses — well, at least I do for those of you who are signed up, and those of you I communicate with regularly — so you don’t have to put them in your comments.

Wherein I try my hand at moving and carpentry
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    Everyone must come to the party! 😀 We’re finally going to get out the poker table that Jason has had for almost two years and we need people who know what they’re doing 😉

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