It’s hot and my brain’s not functioning.

I’ve been working like crazy over the past few days to deal with a few metaphorical fires that started burning both at my own site and a nearby one, due to the other site’s IT guy being out sick suddenly.  Between that, and the heat, and the stress of buying the house, and the overall general stress of existing (you must understand what I mean by that, since you all exist too!), I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately.

I also haven’t been biking to work at all this week.  Again, between the heat and lack of sleep, it’s hard to muster up the energy in the morning.  I did work from home yesterday, due to having worked until 2:30am the night before, which was good, except that I pretty well worked from 8:30am straight through until 10 or 11pm with a short break to play some Diablo 2 around suppertime.  Working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.  Yes, you get to be home, not waste gas and thus money on going into the office, stay in your pyjamas (or in my case, due to the heat, nothing but a pair of shorts) all day, and eat and maybe even catch up on sleep at your leisure.  The downsides are that you don’t really actually stop working until people stop bothering you.  I easily put in over 10 hours of solid work yesterday.  I’m on salary though, so my only solace is that I got to stay home.  Well, that, and a member of the other site’s management, with whom I never get along, put in a kudos e-mail to both my direct boss and the president of the company for my efforts.  I’m sure we’ll turn around and go back to butting heads in due course.

I’m also reestablishing communications lately with my closest friend.  And yes, reestablishing, because we constantly lose and reestablish contact with one another.  This is a particular failing of mine, one which Jodi has in the past rightfully chastised me, and one to which I spoke in a recent post.  It’s nice to re-connect, and it seems to be coming at a timely juncture, as we can both hopefully help one another work through our particular stresses at the moment (granted, hers involves a thesis, so I think hers trumps mine).

The house situation is putting along.  I have to look into insurance, we’re considering getting an inspection anyway even though we don’t really need to, my dad’s money order arrived, and I’ve gotten the lease consent form, purchase and sale, and addenda, to the mortgage brokers.  It’s a waiting game again now, though I do have other issues and minutia I should address.

Should, and will.  Tomorrow, though.  I need sleep now.  More desperately than the last time I said so on this blog.

It’s hot and my brain’s not functioning.
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2 thoughts on “It’s hot and my brain’s not functioning.

  1. Me

    I never really understood why people have such a problem with the heat. All winter long everyone complains about the cold, so you would think that when summer arrives they would enjoy it. Instead they complain about it. Some will argue that you can always put on layers if you’re cold but if you’re hot there is nothing you can do. Those arguments are invalid though because cooling your body is every bit as simple as heating it is.

    All it takes is a little bit of rudimentary anatomy knowledge and you will have all the information you need to help yourself cool down. For instance anyone that has gotten through junior high biology knows that all humans have a circulatory system, even those that act like they haven’t got a heart, have one. Through this flows blood and this blood acts as both a heating agent and a cooling agent. Rather an ingenious system really. Like all heating and cooling systems it can occasionally use a little help. That’s why in the winter we all put on warm clothes that trap our body heat and reflect it back on ourselves thus warming us even more.

    By now most of you have either stopped reading or are calling me names and muttering that you know all that but it doesn’t help you cool down on a hot day. Two things: first you need to think more, and second, you need to have patience. All learning comes to those who expend the effort to learn. Keeping cool also requires a little help. To do that wrap a couple ice cubes in a small towel and then wrap that around your wrists with ice on the inside of your writs and it will help cool your body down. Each wrist has an artery fairly close to the surface of the skin. Applying something cold will cool the skin which in turn will cool the blood. As the blood circulates it helps cool your body. Simple science. So for those that read all the way through, enjoy. And don’t share it with those that didn’t bother to read to the end.

    And Jason, I’m glad you got that kudos email, you earned it a long time ago and it was overdue.

  2. 2

    You’re absolutely right — ice on the wrists is a great way of keeping cool. Hard to keep it on your wrists when you’re biking though, so that doesn’t solve the problem of having not biked all week.

    It’s absolutely gorgeous these past two days though — not too hot, beautiful breeze blowing through to cool you. Went to Lake Aylesford today, too. A good dip is always fun.

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