A quick visual tour of Bathurst, NB

I promised Abby I’d upload some pictures I have of Bathurst, which is my hometown. There’s a map on Google with some pictures, as well, showing where they all are in relation to one another.

I haven’t actually put comments on most of them, as it’s rather late and I have work in the morning.  I’ll do what I can to comment them tomorrow.

A quick visual tour of Bathurst, NB

2 thoughts on “A quick visual tour of Bathurst, NB

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    I suppose nobody really needs to verify that pigeons in New Brunswick are just like pigeons everywhere else.

    I just resized all these images down a great deal, because they were full camera size originally, and evidently clicking on one of them would download the whole, full-sized image, before even displaying the resized-down closeup. This should hopefully take some stress off the server and speed things up if anyone actually cares to look at these pictures.

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