Busy life!

This is just going to be a quick what’s-going-on post, as I have to be at work for 10 tomorrow and I was planning on biking in.  Over the next several days, we have to find a lawyer to put together the official offer papers, as next week the seller will be meeting with her lawyer to draw up her side of things.

I’ve unwittingly volunteered to take part in a Heart and Stroke Foundation “Big Bike” event, meaning I have to somehow fund-raise $50 and will have to join in on the 30-person bike action.  In my defense, I thought it was just a bike riding challenge, and figured that as I’ve been biking quite a bit lately, I might as well put my newfound skills to good use.  Too bad all I’ll be doing is embarassing myself.  For a good cause, of course.

Jodi found a petition form regarding Nova Scotia’s power costs on the NS NDP website that I happen to agree with, so we’ve decided we’re going to take it around to my neighbors, probably at the same time as I’m fund-raising for the Big Bike event.  Frankly, I’d really rather NS not rely on coal for 90% of its power generation, but there’s precious little I can do about it short of taking my house off the grid ASAP.  (Assuming I get the house of course.)

Next week, Abby will be done her thesis, and I’ll be joining her and some friends for a spot of food at Smitty’s… really looking forward to it!  We always go far too long between seeing one another.  Or e-mailing one another, at that.

I still haven’t brought myself to actually sell my comics collection.  I know, the sooner the better.  But the comic shop is quite far away, and with gas prices what they are, I can hardly bring myself to drive to work, much less three towns over.  Which is also mostly why I’ve been avoiding going to Halifax… Sorry Miranda!  I really do owe you a visit at some point!

And on the topic of selling things, Jodi’s selling her Acer Aspire 1641WLMi, with upgraded RAM (replaced a 256meg stick with a 1024meg one, so now it has 1.2 gigs).  She’s asking $500 firm, which is good considering laptops don’t depreciate all that much and she paid $1500 just two years ago.  Her mother is also selling a desktop, LCD, corner desk, wireless keyboard and mouse for $500; she wants to get rid of it to get a laptop, and if the desktop goes but the laptop doesn’t, she’s likely to buy Jodi’s.  This means as long as one of them goes, we get the $500 straight toward the down payment.  Still going to be tight… we’re clawing and scraping for the payment as it is now, the money from the laptop will put us within striking range.

Speaking of laptops, I have my new power supply now.  What a relief it is to have my laptop back!

With that, good night.

Busy life!

4 thoughts on “Busy life!

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    Can you just imagine me getting within $75 with a day to go before the deadline, and having to go out and sell my body? I mean, Christ, I’d have to sell myself at least 750 times in one night!

  2. 3

    We *may* just be able to avoid selling those comic books, as things are looking better than expected at the moment 🙂
    I’ve got some Star Trek magazines of my sister’s that she wasn’t exactly happy about giving up too that we can keep in reserve just in case we need them. But really, I don’t think we will.

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