I’m in the process of getting “globally recognized avatars” set up, a service provided by Gravatar (the same folks that created WordPress and the Akismet plugin).  This way, if you register for this blog using an e-mail address that is registered with Gravatar, a picture of your choosing will show up next to your name in your comments.  A number of other blogs use this service already, so you may already have an account.  If not, go ahead, sign up and upload a picture — far as I can tell, this service is totally safe.  I’m sure it’ll start working in the comments shortly, as soon as I figure out why it’s showing everyone as anonymous, myself included, presently.

Update: Working now.  Had to modify the theme I’m using to use the proper image links.  So go sign up for a Gravatar of your own.  I added a permanent example of it to my About box on the left, as well.  I really like the idea of being able to change your profile picture across dozens of sites at the same time.  I also managed to get a gallery-like WordPress plugin going, so as soon as I sort through some pictures I’ll post them up here.


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