I need a weekend.

Saturday and Sunday we had a huge yard sale, and got rid of tons of stuff that we’ve both been carrying around for a very long time.  Saturday afternoon, my laptop’s power adapter decided to stop providing power to my laptop, and it’s making a weird ticking noise if you put it up to your ear, like a relay being flicked rapidly.  And Sunday night, we went to take a second look at our potential house, and we officially put in a bid on it.

I’m at work right now, but without my calendar, notes, documents, to-do list and old mail (I have webmail I can work off of, but it’s certainly not the same), I’m feeling pretty hobbled.  So this morning I’m taking the time to set a desktop up so that I can actually function on it, even if I don’t have all my accoutrements that I’m used to having available on my laptop.  Oh well, this’ll do for now.  I’ll have to get a ticket in with my laptop’s provider, as it’s still under warranty.  Next day on-site warranty, as a matter of fact.

The house situation is a bit weird.  Both Jodi and I get a sense of the seller being pretty off-putting.  I know, we as the buyers should be driving the sale, but she seems to almost take offense at the idea that we’d be asking all sorts of questions about “her” house.  Either she doesn’t particularly like that *we* are buying it (e.g. she doesn’t think a young couple would be capable of getting it), she doesn’t like someone questioning what she put down on her advertisements and verifying everything she claims about the warranties et cetera, or she is specifically hiding something about the house.  All these misgivings aside, maybe it’s just her nature.  Jodi’s mother apparently knows the woman, and she’s supposedly a neat freak of some sort.  So it could just be a point of pride that we’re daring to question the condition of the house.   Or it could also have been that we scheduled that second viewing for the day after graduation, and she had acted as a chaperone for her daughter’s safe-grad the night before, and there were half a dozen newly graduated teens crashing out in her living room.

Also, Jodi just messaged to tell me that we can’t force the other bidders’ hand on their offer, because our offer wasn’t an “official offer”, e.g. legally binding, e.g. done by lawyers or realtors, and because we don’t have a lawyer presently and the seller can’t get to talk to her lawyer until at least the end of the week.  As it stands, the other offer she had on the house was conditional on the bidders having sold their house.  Their bid expires July 1st (they put it in last December), and evidently the house they have to sell is in terrible condition and isn’t likely to sell any time soon.  So, we can’t force their hand and give them the 48 hours to put-up-or-shut-up, so we may have to just wait until July 1st.  One good thing though — apparently this conversation she just had with the seller went better than yesterday, and she was much less off-putting.

Anyway.  Here’s hoping.

I need a weekend.
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3 thoughts on “I need a weekend.

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    Get a Home Inspection done before you sign on the dotted line, doesn’t matter who knows the seller always get a home inspection done and get a lawyer or at the very least a property paralegal, that way if something does turn up your butt is covered, it’ll cost a couple hundered bucks for the lawyer but trust me, you don’t want to be in the position of wishing you had gotten one in the first place. bad things happen when ppl don’t get a lawyer for their home purchases. I’d says I could help you out, but seeing as how I only offically became a Paralegal on the 18th (i’m a graduate YAY!) I’d be very frightned that i’d screw something up.

    Best of luck! I hope it goes well!

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    Under any other circumstances, I’d agree with you about the home inspection. We tried once last year to get a house, and were >thisclose< to getting one, but the inspection turned up some $20,000 worth of crap that would have to have been done within the first two years. This house, however, is a 2-year-old Prestige mini-home, with all its warranties still good, so if anything goes wrong, they come and fix it for free. Almost too good to be true!

    As for the lawyer stuff, yeah, I have no idea who to go to… I'm just going to pick one out of the phone book I guess. Or out of the dozen or so business cards I've been handed by various folks. Or maybe I'll pick one that a family member recommended.

    Either way, no worries, you'll get all the news on it if you keep reading here now and then. 🙂

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    I think there may have been a bit of confusion with the way Jason worded it up there. We are getting a lawyer, we’ve always planned to get a lawyer, we just don’t have one presently. We’re just waiting for the seller to call us back with the time that she is meeting with her lawyer and then we’re going to go down and get one for ourselves so that they can converse with each other about all the fine print stuff.

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