It was bound to happen eventually.

Hostopia Inc., the place I worked in Toronto immediately prior to my moving back to the Maritimes, has just been bought by a company based in Minnessota called Deluxe Corp., for $124 million.  I’m guessing that the financial company was looking to “diversify their portfolio”, as it were, and branch into website hosting.

I knew something was up when the bigwigs at Hostopia started floating the possibility of going public but never actually doing it — sounded suspiciously like they were trying to attract a buyer.  Well, they have their buyer, and I’m honestly glad I didn’t give more of my life to them than I did, knowing now that I had been working to enrich the coffers of people who already have more money than by rights they could ever need.  (I suppose the same could be said of all companies, but when I got offered eight grand more a year by a much smaller company to do essentially the same job, I knew exactly what I was dealing with.)

The people who worked there, at my peer level, are the only parts of the company I miss, frankly.  Here’s hoping some of you read this now and then.

It was bound to happen eventually.

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