So, today we cleaned the house, I called a mortgage broker about getting a mortgage on a house, and House is on the teevee right now.  No seriously.

Okay, I suppose we didn’t clean “the house”, so much as we cleaned our current place of residence, which is one half of a duplex in a co-op.  We’re going to be participating in a block yard sale this weekend.  And good lord, is there ever a lot of stuff to sell!  I’m planning on selling my X-Box, with Fable, Ninja Gaiden and Halo 1, along with wireless controllers, a DVD remote, and the headphones for playing online (which I never did).  My going plan is to bring those straight to EB Games to see what kind of price I get there, first.  Unless one of my loyal reader (singular intentional) is interested, in which case I’d cut them a way better deal than EB Games would give them.  If the price is unacceptable, then into the yard sale it goes.  Right alongside a fake fireplace whose heater is broken, a bunch of books that I’ve been trying to get rid of for roughly six months, numerous electronics, some knicknacks, kitchen supplies, and all the standard yard sale fare.  You know, like unopened Windows ME Upgrade boxes ($5!  What a ripoff steal!), and a heavy bag that I’ve never been able to put up anyplace.  E-mail me if you need directions, there’s actually a lot of decent stuff here that we just need to get out of our basement.

As for the house we looked at, it’s a two-year-old Prestige Home “mini-home”, 74′ by 16′, in perfect condition, and if we can get a mortgage, it’s practically ours right now.  Yes, I know, that technically means it’s a trailer.  And it’s technically in a trailer park right now.  Our current long-term plan is to get the house, get a plot of land somewhere, and move the home there.  Maybe put it on a foundation one day.  Convert the front of the whole thing into a greenhouse, install solar panels and wind turbines, pack the back with a thermal mass, put a roof garden on it for insulation purposes, collect rainwater and passive solar heating… okay, that’s getting a little ahead of myself I guess.

By the way, I’m going to try not to let it go this long again.  There’s quite a few topics I’ve wanted to discuss over the past few weeks, and I’ve mostly just been either working like crazy, or focussing on my home life.  I suppose I can’t be blamed for that, but it’s hard to build readership when you don’t really ever post anything.


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    Yeah, though I think my readership has doubled, maybe tripled in the last several days since I started spamming my link to everyone who dares MSN me! As for the Eks-Boks, I’m going to be throwing it out into the yard sale tomorrow. Will post full yard sale results later tomorrow (plus results of second viewing of the house I’m looking at), and a story about a bunch of really excitable deaf folks that I sold a computer and a video card to.

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