Oh jeez, I got hope all over this blog.

Barack Obama just won the Democratic nomination.  He has earned enough delegates through the proportional primaries, caucuses and superdelegate nominations, to make the necessary 2118 delegate threshold.  The numbers as of the full 50 states having voted (and Democrats Abroad, Puerto Rico, Guam, and god knows who else, I can’t remember), from Daily Kos:

Delegates: Pledged Super Total Needed
Obama 1,764.5 366 2,151
Clinton 1,639.5 285.5 1,925
Remaining 1 151.5 152.5
(2,117 delegates needed for victory)

So there you have it. The numbers are up. The delegates, however, need to actually do the voting in three months, and that gives Hillary Clinton a sliver of hope in order to attempt to leverage herself into Obama’s VP nomination, with or without his support. Despite her having mathematically lost the nomination three months ago, despite this primary lasting 17 months and outlasting every previous primary, despite her going from “inevitable” to “underdog” to “mathematically incapable of winning”, she’s not suspending her campaign, not stepping down, not calling for unity of her party behind Obama so the Democrats can finally start fighting Grampa McCain and his hundred-year war. This irritates me.  The center on this particular position cannot hold.

It sort of spoils the “finality” of tonight, when one of the two parties is incapable of facing reality.  Kind of reminds me of this:

Oh jeez, I got hope all over this blog.