Blogging from my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

This is my second attempt at posting from my Nokia internet tablet. The first attempt saw WordPy (a Python-based WordPress client) crash after having nearly completed the post, sadly. This time I’m doing it through the built-in Opera browser, which isn’t bad, though it’s not capable of handling some of the nicer bits of Javascript that powers the WordPress admin panel.

I’ve been rediscovering this nifty little gadget over the past few days, having recieved a 2-gig MMC Mobile media card, which by the way I can’t seem to get anything to reliably read past the 1 gig mark, even devices that say they can see the full drive. I’d ordered it from eBay in an effort to improve on my music-for-biking situation, as the CD player was falling short on a number of levels. The fact that this has no moving parts is a huge advantage, though the music interface that comes stock leaves much to be desired, and the CPU on this is overwhelmed by third party media players like Canola or Kagu.

For blogging, I’d have to say, if I had an IR or Bluetooth keyboard I’d be much happier. Oh well, at least this is Linux-based so I can install all sorts of useful utilities, especially now that I have room for them.

Blogging from my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

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