My first blog post.

So, here I am, joining the great unwashed and adding my voice to the choir of basement-dwelling bloggers who still live with their parents.  I might not technically live with my parents, but I guess I’m living with my girlfriend’s mother, even if the arrangement is more like “she’s living with us”.  I do dwell in the basement quite a bit though — that’s where we’ve set up our entertainment centre, excercise room and office area.  My part of the office area is where I play computer games.  My actual office work gets done on my work laptop, which is usually wherever I happen to be, oftentimes in the living room which is not actually in the basement.

All that aside, I haven’t really given much thought to what I want to blog about.  I guess this site will start to come into focus the more I write.  Obviously, I’m going to end up touching on my interests, which include computers and networking (where I make my living), video games (my biggest source of entertainment), and life in general (where the balance of my time ends up between work, gaming and unconsciousness).  I might talk about my relationship with Jodi, though I’ll try to keep it from getting too saccharine or personal.  I might put up recipes, because I enjoy cooking, even if I don’t practice as much as I used to.  I might post pictures for my friends and family to peruse.  I might talk politics, though honestly I know more about the state of US politics moreso than I know about Canadian politics — remember, I’m a particularly lousy Canadian, as the site title implies.  Anyway, it’ll all come in time, I guess.

This is my third or fourth attempt at a blog, in all honesty.  The other ones were self-hosted, with dynamic name servers, so this is my first one where I have my own domain name and an actual hosting company providing the web hosting.  This hosting company,, has a referrer program, which I might join to try to defray the costs of hosting, and if it comes to it, I might even put up some Google ads if it becomes too expensive (read: popular).  At the moment, though, this is just a vanity project, and I’m hoping it’ll allow me to blow off a bit of steam between all of my other obligations.

In the meantime, enjoy your stay.  Feel free to sign up for an account so you can comment on my posts.  Bear in mind, though, that I have to approve any subscribers’ authorization requests.  If I don’t get to your authorization in a timely fashion, feel free to contact me by e-mail — the link should be in the righthand bar.

My first blog post.