Greta Interviewed on Dogma Debate – Podcast Now Up!

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The Dogma Debate podcast with my interview is now up! We talk about the importance of atheist community (finding them for people just coming out as atheists, and building them to support other atheists who are coming out); how coming out atheist changes believers’ minds about us — even hard-core believers; how atheists can encourage each other to come out without pressuring or guilt-tripping each other; how to decide the right time to come out; why it’s often (although not always) a good idea to come out sooner rather than later; how there can be de facto theocracies even within supposedly secular countries (and how atheists cope with that); why women and LGBT people often stay in religions, even ones that are sexist and homophobic — and how atheists can deal with these folks without being patronizing; and more.

We also took live questions from listeners, which is always interesting — I love doing that whenever I can. (This one was about the Greece v. Galloway Supreme Court decision, and how atheists can and should respond to it.)

Dogma Debate is a fun, funny, engaging podcast with a vibe that’s both casual and professional, and it’s very entertaining to listen to. Check it out!

Greta Interviewed on Dogma Debate – Podcast Now Up!