Secular Student Alliance Seeking Student Speakers For Conference!

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Are you a secular student, recent alumnus, or group adviser who would like to speak at the upcoming Secular Student Alliance conference? They’d like you to apply!

One of the best things about the SSA conferences is how much of the content comes from students themselves. Student organizers know a lot about, you know, student organizing — stuff that other students could learn from. It’s also a great way to get experience in public speaking, and the SSA conferences are a great place to network, make friends, build professional relationships, get new ideas, acquire skills, and just have fun. Plus, conference speakers get financial assistance to attend the conference, and their registration fees are waived. If you’re doing interesting things in your secular student group, this is your chance to share your knowledge and passion with your fellow student leaders, and inspire and train a new generation of leaders to do bigger and better things.

There are two SSA conferences this year: SSA East in Columbus, OH, and SSA West in Phoenix, AZ. The deadline for student speaker applications is March 2, 2014. Take the plunge!

Secular Student Alliance Seeking Student Speakers For Conference!