My Podcast Interview about Secular Meditation with "Present Moment"

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I have a new podcast interview up! It’s with Ted Meissner of Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science, exploring meditation and mindfulness from an entirely secular perspective. It’s the first part of a two-part episode: in this part, I answer questions and share some of my experiences, while the second part is more focused on my questions for Ted about these practices.

In this interview, we talk about some of the basics of starting a mindfulness/ meditation practice; what has surprised me as a beginner in learning the practice; the difference between striving and ambition, and how staying ambitious and focused on goals can be consistent with being in the present moment and accepting it; what the practice changes and what it doesn’t; using meditation as a tool for managing depression; being present with other people; and more. Enjoy! And I’ll post Part Two of the interview as soon as it goes up.

My Podcast Interview about Secular Meditation with "Present Moment"

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