Todd Stiefel Takes a Freethought Blogs/ Skepchick Light the Night Dare!

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk logo
So Freethought Blogs has gotten in on the Foundation Beyond Belief/ Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation Light the Night Walk thing, and has started a virtual team! Even small donations help — it really does add up.

Now Todd Stiefel — the Foundation Beyond Belief Light the Night International Team Captain, the guy who came up with the whole “Foundation Beyond Belief and the atheist community supporting the Light the Night Walk in a big way” idea in the first place, and whose Stiefel Freethought Foundation is doing matching funds for a big-ass chunk of it — is jumping onto the “silly dares and forfeits” campaign. For those just joining us: I’ve set up a whole sequence of forfeits and dares if the Freethought Blogs team reaches assorted fundraising goals, and PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, and Avicenna are all offering themselves up as sacrificial lambs as well. And fellow blogging network Skepchick is offering a bunch of cool dares and offers for their own Light the Night Walk virtual team as well. (Rivalry! Rivalry! We can beat those Skepchicks! Rah! Rah! Go team!)

todd stiefel
And now, Todd Stiefel has promised that if either the Freethought Blogs team or the Skepchick team raises $20,000, he’ll get a buzz-mohawk. (His hair isn’t long enough for a big one). And whichever team gets to the goal first will get to pick the color of his mohawk!

We have to make this happen, people.

So sign up for the team, and make a donation! Every penny counts. Go, team, go! Let’s make use of human beings’ evolutionary tendency towards tribalism and group loyalty — and our tendency to treat pointless sacrifices as both a social bonding mechanism and proof of serious commitment — and turn it towards good!

Todd Stiefel Takes a Freethought Blogs/ Skepchick Light the Night Dare!