Please help the next Jessica Ahlquist today

This is a guest post from David Fitzgerald, Regional Campus Organizer at the Secular Student Alliance.

When students like Jessica Ahlquist and Zack Kopplin took a stand against First Amendment violations at their schools, it wasn’t easy – they faced tremendous, heart-breaking opposition. We know many more students are out there right now, deciding whether or not to stand up for their rights. The Secular Student Alliance wants to make sure they know that they are not alone and have the full support of the secular community behind them.

That is why we at the SSA are crowd-funding for a new position: a Rapid Response Organizer (RRO). Part journalist, part crisis manager, part mediator, and part organizer, the RRO will fight to ensure that the SSA can defend, support, and amplify the work of students who need our help. The RRO will also make sure that the incredible work students do every day will be promoted fully, as blueprints and inspiration to other students and the movement as a whole!

We want you to be part of creating this new position. The SSA is over halfway to their goal, but still has $50,000 to raise by September 25th. Everybody can help make this happen.

If you’re a struggling student or your heart is bigger than your wallet: even a gift of $5 or $10 will go a long way towards making this position a reality. And, with a gift of $10 or more, you get one of our awesome incentives like a sticker, button, and Active Supportership in the SSA!

We understand that not all of you have the ability to do this: that is okay. We still want your help making this important position a reality. Please reach out to those people in your life that support your secular activism, be they parents, siblings, friends, or local off-campus groups. Let them know how much the SSA means to you, and how important this position is to the secular movement. Share the link with your social media networks if you are comfortable.

If you are in fiscal position to help, fantastic! Supporting the SSA is one of the most effective steps you can take to strengthen the next generation of freethinkers and activists. These bold students are already making the world a better place, right now! Please help them make these changes happen in your community and around the country by giving generously today.

We need your help to ensure that no secular student is fighting on their own. Please support the Rapid Response Organizer campaign. Thank you for your support of the SSA and all of the work you do!

Please help the next Jessica Ahlquist today