FtBCon: Videos Are Up — and a Survey!

ftb conscience

FtBConscience, the online conference hosted by Freethought Blogs, is over. But all the sessions are available online! I wasn’t able to attend a lot of it (I had an all-day thing I was doing on Saturday), but Ingrid and I are going through a bunch of the sessions we missed… and so far, they’ve been fascinating.

If you missed some or all of this conference, and want to check them out… well, that’s the glory of an online conference. All the sessions were recorded as they were happening, and you can check any or all of them out right now! Just go to the conference schedule, click on the title of the session you want to watch, and scroll down to the video!

If you’re particularly interested in the sessions I was part of, you can go directly there: Sex & Skepticism (with me, Ginny Brown, Franklin Veaux, Benny, Sophie Hirschfeld, and Miri M.), and Atheism and Grief (with me, Rebecca Hensler, Nicome Taylor and Hank Fox).

And if you did watch/ participate in some or all of the conference, please take a moment to fill out our survey! We’re hoping to do more of these in the future, and your input will help us make it even awesomer. (And yes, “awesomer” is a word, Haven’t you heard the line in that song, “A trip to the moon on awesomer wings”? That’s how it goes, right?) Anyway.

FtBCon: Videos Are Up — and a Survey!

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