Processing… (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Here is a link to Lindsay’s apology.

Sorry for the terseness of this. I’m writing this on my phone, the guest Internet at the dorm where I’m staying for the SSA conference for some reason shuts off between midnight and 7 AM. But I wanted to get something up about this now.

Yes, I’ve seen Ron Lindsay’s apology. (Can’t link to it – again, doing this from my phone – but I’m sure it’s being linked to extensively elsewhere.) I want and need to think about this for at least a few hours before I give a full response, plus I’m at this conference and Sunday is a travel day and I have a deadline on Monday, so I can’t give this the full attention it deserves right this second. So for right now, provisionally, I will just say this: Reservedly happy, and cautiously optimistic. More as soon as possible, probably by Monday afternoon Pacific time.

Processing… (UPDATED)

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    For the good of the cause, I will be await developments and perhaps even further public apologies — perhaps next year when Lindsay has had a chance to process how badly he screwed up — for example, to Rebecca Watson for his intemperate attack on her; to PZ Myers for misunderstanding the tip to shut up and listen; and to Melody Hensley for distracting people from the content of an excellent conference and signally failing to support it by his unwelcoming speech and his absence from the fundraising dinner. Talk about leaving people hung out to dry!

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