Welcome Ally Fogg to Freethought Blogs!

Ally Fogg
We have a new blogger in the Freethought Blogs network! Please welcome Ally Fogg, and his blog, Heteronormative Patriarchy For Men. Tagline: “Splashed of mud from the trenches of the online gender wars.” Here’s what Ally has to say about his own bad self:

Ally Fogg is a UK-based freelance writer and journalist, whose day job includes a weekly column on Comment is Free at www.guardian.co.uk and miscellaneous scribbles elsewhere, mostly on issues of UK politics and social justice. This blog is dedicated to exploring gender issues from a male perspective, unshackled from any dogmatic ideology. Ally is often accused of being a feminist lapdog and an anti-feminist quisling; a misogynist and a misandrist; a mangina and a closet MRA, and concludes that the only thing found in pigeonholes is pigeon shit. He can be contacted most easily through www.allyfogg.co.uk or @allyfogg on Twitter.

Please go say Howdy!

Welcome Ally Fogg to Freethought Blogs!

One thought on “Welcome Ally Fogg to Freethought Blogs!

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    This recommendation should come with a trigger warning.

    Not everybody is bothered by their concerns and rights being treated as academic or “problematic,” but I am. If someone makes the mistake of reading the comments there (like I did once), that’s what you’re going to find – and worse. Even Ed Gemmer can still post there. *shudder*

    It’s probably a good thing for someone to analyze these issues without a powerful emotional stake in them like he does, but I’d provide that caveat: If you care about feminism and gender issues, those comments will troll your MFin’ brain out.

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