My Stretch in the SSA Week Blogathon Begins Tomorrow!

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I’m going to be doing my leg in the SSA Week Blogathon, tomorrow (Tuesday), from 9am to 9pm Pacific time!

During that time, in order to help raise money for the Secular Student Alliance, I will write a blog post every hour. I will not pre-write them or pre-schedule them: I will write new posts during the day, throughout the day, and post them as I go along, once an hour. Also, for every $100 donated during my stretch of the Blogathon, I will post a picture of one or more of our cats! And best of all, all donations will be matched by SSA Supporters Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss — so whatever you donate, it will be doubled!

So come visit the blog tomorrow: it should be entertainingly stream-of-consciousy and possibly incoherent, especially towards the end. Plus — cats!

And if you have a blog, website, webcomic, or other internet presence? You can participate in SSA Week, too! Please contact [email protected] for how to get your SSA Week post advertised or for more information. (And yes, Facebook and Twitter count as an Internet presence.)

My Stretch in the SSA Week Blogathon Begins Tomorrow!