Greta Christina on the Image of Atheists: Video for "A Better Life"

Have you heard about Chris Johnson’s book project, “A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy and Meaning in a World Without God”? Photographer Chris Johnson has been traveling around the world, photographing atheists and talking with us about how our atheism shapes the meaning of our lives, for a hardcover full-color coffee table book featuring photographs and quotes from each subject. Says Johnson: “From the college professor, to the farmer in Kansas, I want to document my fellow atheists and ask them what brings meaning and joy to their lives. The goal of the book is to visually capture the diversity of non-believers and the ways they maintain a better life, not in spite of their atheism, but because of it.”

A couple of months ago he came to San Francisco to talk with me and take my photo. He’s doing videos of interviews with the book’s subjects as well as photographs — and here’s mine.

There’s lots of other videos in this series as well, many of which are awesome. Enjoy!

Greta Christina on the Image of Atheists: Video for "A Better Life"

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    Nice segment. I’m working my way through the list there. It really underscores just how baseless the “atheists have no meaning in their lives and it’s surprising they don’t all give up in a pique of nihilism” trope is. It’s heartening to see the ever growing body of works and examples and counter examples. It makes it all that much harder to the most narrow minded of the xtians (and related) to keep foisting they views onto everyone else (including other xtians).

    I also want to thank you for your skepticon 3 talk that was in the suggested vids at the end of this one. Sex positivity and what healthy adult sexuality looks like is not talked about nearly often enough. I also think I managed to totally not hear Polyamory as part of the speech the first time I listened to it (some time ago).

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