Surgery tomorrow

Just a quick update: My hysterectomy is tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 24. The plan is for me to come home that same day, but there’s a chance I’ll need to stay in the hospital overnight.

I’ll do my best to post at least a short post letting y’all know that I’m through the surgery. But I don’t know when exactly that will be. Again, I’m not totally sure when I’ll be home, and I may be pretty out of it right afterwards. I’ll do it as soon as I can. Thanks.

Surgery tomorrow
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49 thoughts on “Surgery tomorrow

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    Best wishes on your surgery and recuperation. I hope it isn’t too long and annoying for you. It is very good to hear that you will very likely go home soon if not immediately – hospitals get boring as shit even if you bring stuff to keep yourself occupied.

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    Hi Greta, best wishes for your surgery and recovery.

    I’ve had several pelvic/abdominal surgeries and found that some hospitals are better than others at passing this tip on: it is much easier to sit up, stand up or lie down after surgery if you get a small, firm pillow (one orderly folded a bed pad down to 6″ x 9″ and taped it for me) and clutch it firmly to your abdomen as you move.

    Good luck, and a speedy recovery!

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    Quercus Rubra’s tip is a good one. They may have a belt of sorts – basically a wide elastic that wraps around your waist and is secured by velcro – that will provide abdominal support while you heal. I used one during recoveries from 2 c-sections and it helped tremendously.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hugs and love to you and Ingrid and the kittehs.

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    Another best wishes and good luck.

    Seconding the pillow business – I had one after my c-sections, and it was sooo helpful. Having an incision there means that your brain makes it feel like everything’s about to fall out, even though it isn’t, and having a bolster of some type to hold against it is a good thing.

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    beware of steps when you have a abdominal operation. My poor husband had a inguinal hernia and he went home the same day. Those three steps up to our porch were not fun. Pain killers are your friend! Funny movies probably won’t be.

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    I had a total hysterectomy a year and a half ago – best thing I ever did.

    You will be sore but it really isn’t all that bad. Hystersisters has forums about the surgery and what to expect. Miralax is a good thing to have on hand. Pain meds cause constipation. 😉

    Take care and follow the doctors orders and you’ll be just fine.

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    Here’s wishing you a great surgery team and smooth surgery. I’m assuming it’s laparascopic since you’re going home the same day. If that is the case don’t be surprised if the worst pain the first day or two is in your shoulder. Take it easy once you’re home. Best to both of you.

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    Wishing you good surgery, good drugs and a good recovery, with feelgood films to watch that don’t make you laugh. May your procedure be the textbook example of the perfect hysterectomy that they hold up as an example to med students saying “now this is exactly how the surgical team and the patient want it to go.” Hugs to you both.

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    A tough situation, Ms. Christina, and no mistake. It has been hard for you of late, and there is more to come. But you are strong, you will endure. Many people are rooting for you, wishing you good news and a speedy recovery. Myself among them.
    If I believed, I would say “God be with you.” But we have no gods, only each other. So we are all with you, in thought if not in body. As Ben Franklin said, “We must all hang together or we will surely hang separately.”
    Hang tough, Greta. Hang tough.

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    Hope all goes well, Greta. Wishing you a quick recovery and good outcomes.

    I found out about this after you said not to donate further. Please let us know if you need any further financial or other support.

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    Best wishes Greta. My selfish personal hope is that things go so exceedingly well that you decide you want to go to Skepticon so that I can finally hear atheism’s most eloquent speaker in person. But no pressure, I’m sure they’ll have someone else there that can do some talking. Good luck.

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    I’m sure they’ll show you this–and your wife is a nurse, so she’ll know–to get up from a supine position you roll on your side first and get up from the side-lying position by pushing off with the arm that’s under you. And use the abdominal support pillow. Best wishes!

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    I’m totally new and have barely read any of your posts, but I wanted to wish you best of luck in surgery tomorrow. And that your doctor is super talented and skilled. It’s been several years since my own hysterectomy but I remember how scary it all was.

  14. 37

    1. Good luck.
    2. Take pain meds before it gets bad.
    3. Walk a little every day. It will hurt and surprise you that it hurts. Who knew walking involved abdominal muscles.
    4. If you lose ovaries too – and I hope you don’t – go with HRT asap. (Assuming not a problem re cancer.) Instant menopause is a whole different syndrome.
    5. Listen to Nurse Ingrid and thank your lucky stars you married her.

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    I post occasionally on FtB, though I don’t recall if I have posted on your blog before. I read Dispatches and Pharyngula daily, and browse the rest of the blogs for articles that sound interesting.

    Though I don’t post here, I still wish you well and hope your surgery is successful.

  16. 46

    Do take the pain meds. When it gets bad despite the meds, sternly remind your pain that YOU are the inestimable GRETA CHRISTINA. Hopefully it will quail with shame that it bothered you, and go away. 🙂

    Bestest wishes for a quick recovery.

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    Oh wow, I had nearly two weeks of blog reading to catch up with and I just read about this. Greta, I hope you had a perfect surgery with a great medical team, and I wish you a prompt recovery.

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