I Am My Body: Greta's Month in Calendars

It’s August — which means, by a freaky coincidence, that it’s the month I appear in both the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar and the Skepticon calendar!

Here’s the caption that appears with my image in the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar:

I own my body: No — strike that. I *am* my body. And no-one claiming to speak for a non-existent god has the right to tell me how to display it.

When Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar orchestrator Maryam Namazie asked why I decided to appear in the calendar, here’s what I said:

Sexuality is one of the most powerful aspects of human experience, and the suppression of sexuality by religious or other tyranny can have devastating consequences.

Sexual freedom is an important freedom — but it’s one that commonly gets ignored or trivialized. When Aliaa Magda Elmahdy posted nude photos of herself in defiance of Islamist theocracy, she did something incredibly brave, and I want to stand with her and support her.

And here are links to some pieces that I’ve written about appearing in the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar:

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What I May Do With My Naked Body: A Reply to Azar Majedi About the #NudePhotoRevolutionaries Calendar
Unmixing Messages: Nudity, Sex, and Hooking Up at Atheist Conferences

You can download the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar for free or purchase it here and join the scream on Facebook or Tweet #NudePhotoRevolutionary Calendar.

The Skepticon calendar image and Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar image are below the jump.

Greta Skepticon 2012 calendar

Nude Photo Revolutionary photograph by Michael Rosen.

I Am My Body: Greta's Month in Calendars
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8 thoughts on “I Am My Body: Greta's Month in Calendars

  1. 1

    Of all the pics, yours is the most “fun” =) Nice photo, and I just got my paperback of your book. Worth the wait!! – G

  2. 3

    The Skepticon picture is much, much spookier.

    Meanwhile, there’s a striking omission from the NPRC picture. (Logical and, y’know, laws-of-physics-obedient, but striking nonetheless.) Maybe someone needs to Photoshop that one in. There’s room in the upper-right corner, or perhaps the middle of the left side, next to Jacoby and Hitch….

  3. F

    Look at those knees, tauntingly uninjured. (I really hope your knee makes an excellent recovery, and I seem stuck on the subject.) They are you, too. You own them. Tell the naughty one to get with the program. 🙂

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