"Daylight Atheism" – Book Now On Kindle!

Daylight Atheism, the new book by Daylight Atheism blogger Adam Lee, is now available on Kindle!

Here’s what I had to say about it:

Adam Lee has long been one of my favorite atheist writers. (In fact, his blog is a big part of why I got into the game.) And this book is a perfect example of why. His writing is both clear and passionate – a tricky balance. He dismantles theism with precision and righteous anger, and offers an optimistic vision of the alternative. Atheists will find both ammunition and inspiration here – and theists who care whether the things they believe are true are encouraged to test their faith in this white-hot furnace.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some other people had to say about it:

Adam Lee has been a voice of reason for atheists (and curious Christians) online for many years and this book, as with all of his writing, makes a strong case for the atheist worldview. I suspect you’ll find it very convincing since Adam does such a thorough job of laying out the evidence against faith and sharing what many other atheists before you have said about it. Whether you’re brand new to atheism or a seasoned philosopher, there’s something in here to help you leave the darkness of faith and come into the daylight.
-Hemant Mehta, blogger at Friendly Atheist, author of I Sold My Soul On eBay

For those who have left biblical religion or are wavering, Adam Lee’s book is an intellectual and spiritual journey. Lee looks at Bible-belief with both compassion and unflinching honesty, but he doesn’t stop there. Through a window into his own inner life and the words of leading freethinkers, he opens up the rich depth that can be found in life – and death – beyond religion.
-Valerie Tarico, blogger at Away Point, author of Trusting Doubt

Adam Lee’s writing has made him one of the most widely-read atheist bloggers – and rightfully so. This effort should secure him a place amongst atheism’s most informative and relatable authors.
-J.T. Eberhard, blogger at What Would JT Do?, campus organizing coordinator for the Secular Student Alliance

Atheists—and their argument—inspire so much fear because they’re so unknown. Unlearn your fear by reading Adam’s book and realizing that atheists really are just like everyone else. In fact, you probably know one and just don’t know it yet.
-Amanda Marcotte, blogger at Pandagon, author of It’s a Jungle Out There and Get Opinionated

To a believer, atheism can seem dark, cold, and frightening. Adam Lee opens the shutters and lets the sunlight in. Daylight Atheism speaks clearly and passionately of the joy of living a reality-based existence guided by respect for each human person. Highly recommended.
-Mary Johnson, former member of the Missionaries of Charity, author of An Unquenchable Thirst: A Memoir

The books is now available on Kindle. Other e-book platforms, via Smashwords, will be ready very soon, and hardcopy format is coming later this summer. Check it out!

"Daylight Atheism" – Book Now On Kindle!
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