Kittens for the Secular Student Alliance!

The SSA Week fundraising marathon has raised another $1,000! We’ve now raised over $56,000. So, as promised, here is another kitten photo.

Just a bit of editorializing here: I love how crazy Comet and Houdini are about each other. It’s such an “opposites attract” kind of kitty friendship: Houdini is such a mysterious, self-possessed, Mona Lisa kitty, and Comet is such a frenetic wild thing, rocketing around the apartment and biting everything in sight. But they are crazy about each other. Comet in particular has little hearts floating around her head when she’s snuggling with Houdini. It just kills me.

So. Okay. Back to business. Again: For every $1,000 that the Secular Student Alliance Blogathon raises during SSA Week, I will post another kitten photo to my blog. If you want more — donate to the Secular Student Alliance now!

The widget for donating is right over there in the sidebar, to your right. —–>

And remember: Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss have a $250,000 matching offer in place for the SSA, so any contribution you make will automatically be doubled. If you have $50,000 give that. If you have $50, give that. If you have $5, give that. If you don’t have any money, but you’re on Facebook or Twitter, help spread the word. (Twitter hashtag: #SSAWeek .) The goal is to raise $100,000 by the end of SSA Week. Do it for the kittens!

Kittens for the Secular Student Alliance!

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