Podcast Interview on "This Is Really Happening"

“If you really want something to be true, that’s when you have to question it.”

Back when the whole Rapture thing was happening, I did an interview with a filmmaker who was working on a documentary about it. That interview has now been turned into a podcast on the “This Is Really Happening” podcast program. It’s an interesting format: instead of the standard back-and-forth Q&A, there’s no narration or interviewer’s voice: it’s just pieces from my side of the conversation woven together. Here’s the description of the podcast series:

Plumbing the depths of the human experience, This Is Actually Happening presents an occasional audio podcast with a simple challenge we pose to our listeners: What is it like to be someone else? In short storytelling format with no narration, This Is Actually Happening allows us to briefly travel to strange yet familiar worlds – the lives of others.

You can download the Greta-themed podcast (and others in the series) on Podomatic, or for free on iTunes. It’s Episode 11: “What if you didn’t believe in belief itself?” Enjoy!

Podcast Interview on "This Is Really Happening"
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7 thoughts on “Podcast Interview on "This Is Really Happening"

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    Listening to the podcast right now (10 minutes in). Without including the interviewer’s questions it feels like you’re speaking directly to the listener, which is nice 🙂

    Interesting to hear about your past experience with religious belief and New Age stuff. Similar to my own, in many ways.

    I know what you mean about the tiger analogy… it’s like there’s still that primal urge bubbling below the surface, to conform to the majority view (in our immediate social circle).

  2. 5

    Cool, the ‘missing questions’ format reminds me of something else, something that just eludes my mind right now.

    Very clearly thought out ideas, expressed as only you can.

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    I totally enjoyed this, and I gave a listen to a few of the others too. They’re short. You really do get to listen in on someone else’s thoughts.

    There was an entry featuring a women that once belonged to a church where she herself spoke in tongues and was “slayed by the spirit”. She eventually left. She talked about why but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words atheist or agnostic. She had too much invested in that life.

    Another was about an elderly woman who is now looking forward to seeing her husband in the afterlife.

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