Brief Blog Break, and Kitten Pics!

I’m going to be in New York from Wednesday 4/11 through Sunday 4/15. This is not a work trip — it’s the first actual non-family-gathering vacation that Ingrid and I have taken in I don’t know how long — and while I’ll be looking in on comments to make sure that they’re not blowing up, I may not be doing much actual blogging when I’m gone.

So in the meantime, here are some cute kitten pictures!

Comet’s favorite new toy is the magnetic alphabet letters we use to spell things on the fridge. She’s gotten very adept at leaping up at the side of the fridge to knock them down, so we’ve been keeping them up high where she couldn’t get at them. We thought.

The other evening, we found her prowling about with a letter E in her mouth. We put it back… only to find her playing with it again the next day. We couldn’t figure out how she’d gotten it, since the letters were all up high. Was the magnet weak? Were we knocking it over ourselves?


Comet can now get to the top of the fridge.

Please note that in this photo, she actually has a letter in her mouth. More pics after the jump.

Also please note that the fridge magnet letters used to spell out “Comet Talisker Houdini.” Until Comet made a hash of her own name. Not sure what to make of that.

I especially love this one. She’s on top of the freaking fridge… and she’s looking up, trying to find someplace even higher to go. Alexander, looking for new worlds to conquer.

Here she is, caught in the act.

And the next morning, this was on the fridge:

We are so doomed.

Brief Blog Break, and Kitten Pics!
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21 thoughts on “Brief Blog Break, and Kitten Pics!

  1. 5

    I’m so lucky my cat isn’t a jumper/climber. Course he’s getting on in age too. I do strongly urge you to give Comet tuna though, otherwise the consequences might be dire.

  2. 7

    We have a few cats—one of them looks exactly like Comet and also spends an inordinate amount of time on our fridge. Knowing cats, I would bust out the Tuna or you will certainly pay for it later!

  3. 9

    Slightly off-topic but I thought a news item on the UK news worth mentioning.
    A family came home and found their hamster, Smurf, stuck to the outside bars of it’s cage. When they managed to free it they found it had picked up one of the kid’s Spiderman toys and stuffed it in the cheek pouch. The magnet in the toy’s feet had been attracted to the cage.
    The hamster survived the ordeal!

  4. 11

    My husband’s cat had to have surgery for an obstruction a few years ago. The vet showed us what he had found. It was a piece of one of the soft plastic letters that my grandson played with in the tub.
    Dax will eat anything that is soft plastic. we have to be very careful that we never leave any plastic baggies, rubber bands or anything plastic lying around.

  5. 14

    Magistramarla, that happened to our late cat Lydia. She ate some of the Christmas ribbon with wire in it, which had to be removed surgically. She was fine after that, but we also had to be very careful about what we left lying around.

    Reasonbeing and jba55: is she paying you?

  6. 16

    Reminds me of a cat we used to have when I was a kid. He didn’t write his requests on the fridge though; he preferred the self-help option. If you hadn’t seen him in awhile it was a good idea to check the inside the fridge, on the meat shelf.

  7. 18

    Until Comet made a hash of her own name. Not sure what to make of that.

    Clearly, she’s trying to tell you that “Comet” is not her real name. Her real name is probably “She who comes at night and steals the breath of the unwary” or “Destroyer of rodents, small and large” or possibly “Cuddles”. You never know for sure with cats.

  8. 19

    Our younger cat, Mu*, abhors seeing things just sitting on a shelf/table/counter. She takes it upon herself to help gravity do its deed and everything goes tumbling, often under chairs, beds, or major kitchen appliances. We call this game “Feline Relocation Program.”

    *The name was originally “Mew,” given to her by her initial foster family’s five-year old. I changed the spelling to reflect the more scientific character for the coefficient of friction, or for the opiate pain receptor, depending on what she’s doing.

  9. 20

    As to fridges; there’ll be warmth coming from the back so that might have something to do with the attraction. We had a black cat that discovered how to get into the airing cupboard and liked to sleep amongst the freshly laundered white linen at the top. My mother was not amused!

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