Houdini: Perching

We pick up our kittens TOMORROW!

I promise that this “cat photos every day” thing won’t last. But right now, Ingrid and I are in an advanced state of cat deprivation. Having kittens in the world who are ours but who don’t live in our home yet is making us climb the walls. (Good for helping us kitten-proof the apartment!) Once we have the actual kittehs, I’ll dial it down. Well, okay, that’s probably a big fat lie. When we first get the actual kittehs, you’re almost certainly going to be deluged with photos of them. But then I’ll dial it back to a reasonable pace.

Anyway. This is Houdini, perching.

Yes, there is much to be said about her deep, watchful gaze. But my primary observation on this particular image is: PAWS!

Houdini: Perching
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14 thoughts on “Houdini: Perching

  1. 1

    Wonderful! My cat William departed this life four years ago age 17. He was the only reason I lived in Greece for 15 years – until 2004, it was not possible to bring an animal into the UK without subjecting it to six months’ quarantine, and I could not have put him through that. Now I really miss feline company, but my present appartment is not cat friendly. So I wish you joy of your moggies.

  2. 2

    Houdini looks uncannily like a dearly departed cat of mine. Honey had that same fine-grained tortoiseshell coat and the stripe down her nose. (I was ten when I named her. I realized this might not have been the first possible choice the first time my dad had to stand under a tree calling her …)

    Anyway, I am all in favour of more cat photos! In between the atheism and fashion, of course.

  3. 3

    She just has to be a clone created with genes from both of my two cats. In some photos she looks exactly like my Trixie and in other pics she looks exactly my Honey, and in this pic she looks like an exact cross between the two of them. She’s gorgeous.

  4. 4

    I have no complaints whatsoever about kitty photos every day! Especially when they are that cute. And when they’re sandwiched between all your other stuff. 🙂

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