Talisker: Curled Up In Arms

This is Talisker, being a tiny small little, curled up in Ingrid’s arms.

And this is Talisker, being a tiny small little, curled up in my arms.

I cannot believe we have to wait until Wednesday to take them home. We are seriously jonesing. There is no way we’re going to make it that long.


UPDATE: Tiny small little!

Talisker: Curled Up In Arms
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18 thoughts on “Talisker: Curled Up In Arms

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    I hope you’re aware that there’s one tiny small little problem with kittens: They all too quickly become cats. Not that I’m complaining, really, after having one curled up with me in the recliner for about the last hour and a half!

  2. 5

    I dunno, in that picture with me, she looks like she’s about to make a break for it.

    She did spend most of our visit clambering on and off our laps repeatedly, though. Plus taking a flying leap and landing, claws out, right on my back.

    Ophelia, I am right there with you. Counting the days until we can bring the little imps home.

  3. 11

    ZOMG kittehs!! Kittehs are loveable fuzzballs whether they are itty bitty or giants that still think they are itty bitty when trying to climb all over you.

  4. 12

    Tiny small little? The last family-kitteh before I moved out was small enough to sleep in the crook of my arm. Either Americans have a different scale of tiny… or Greta and Ingrid are, in fact, tiny small littles themselves 😉

    Talisker is, of course, d’awwwwww levels of adorable. I miss being tolerated by cats, haven’t been allowed pets in the places I was renting / don’t want to introduce a pet to the house when I have a baby demanding all of my attention.

  5. 14

    now begins the climbing on things you thought were unclimbable

    Oh that’s so true! Miss Kitty Thing is five now and 13# and still thinks she can climb the curtains to sit on the rod. :eye roll:

  6. 15

    Ahhh, potty training (and then litter box cleanup), hair balls, visits to the vet that end up costing $300, cat hair on every piece of furniture and countertop in the house, destroyed furniture, broken glasses because you didn’t put them away quickly enough, dead sparrows at your front door, etc. Cats are excellent pets.

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    we have cork walls in the living room (got them with the house not my fault 🙂 ) but it does allow the entire room to become climbable by kittens. Amazing places we’ve found them.

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