Houdini: Super Close-Up

It’s so weird that these cats are ours, but we don’t have them in our home yet. We only spent about an hour and a half with them on our adoption visit — but we miss them already. Last night I was hearing creaking noises (old building), and I kept thinking it was a cat pattering down the hall.

So until we can take them home, I’m consoling myself with posting pictures to my blog. Here is Houdini in super-closeup. She really is a beauty, isn’t she? And she looks like she has such hidden depths. A very philosophical cat, this one. I’m sure she’ll solve the problem of consciousness in our lifetime.


Houdini: Super Close-Up
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11 thoughts on “Houdini: Super Close-Up

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    Damn, now you made me miss my kitty, who died a few years ago 🙁

    What is it about cats? They’re so clearly self-absorbed, yet you can’t help but loving them.

  2. 4

    There is an area above Houdini’s left eye that looks like a cat sitting with its back to us (with a black curved stripe) but looking to the right, with a white face but black head (and white “bib”). Meta-cat!

  3. 6

    Yay for adopting kittens! And congrats!

    I love tortoise shell coloured cats. They are all gorgeous.

    Philosophy Kitteh says I Think Therefore I Mrow.

  4. 8

    Just below Clemmie’s image of a cat spurning us is a kitteh fractal of Houdini’s face, in exactly the same pose as the overall Houdini picture– i.e., looking down and to the left.


    Good luck with your new kittehs!

  5. 9

    Could you and Ingrid clone yourself so we can adopt out more kittehs to you? YOu’re the dream parents for us foster parents…

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