Welcome Richard Carrier to Freethought Blogs!

Please welcome Richard Carrier to Freethought Blogs!

Richard Carrier is the renowned author of Sense and Goodness without God and Not the Impossible Faith as well as numerous articles online and in print. His avid fans span the world from Hong Kong to Poland. With a Ph.D. in ancient history from Columbia University, he specializes in the modern philosophy of naturalism, the origins of Christianity, and the intellectual history of Greece and Rome, with particular expertise in ancient philosophy, science and technology. He has also become a noted defender of scientific and moral realism, Bayesian reasoning, and the epistemology of history.

His blog is titled Richard Carrier Blogs. Sheesh. What a pathetically unimaginative title for a blog. Just your name, and the word “blog”? Put a little imagination into it, dude…

Welcome Richard Carrier to Freethought Blogs!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Richard Carrier to Freethought Blogs!

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    He makes up for his boring blog name with the title for his Skepticon talk: Bayes’ Theorem: Lust for Glory! ANd the Conan slide in the slideshow. Heh.

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