"That thing with the polar bears": Greta Interviewed at WWJTD?

Who is your arch nemesis?

There’s this accountant at an auto parts chain in Wichita. He doesn’t know. He’s never even heard of me. He’ll rue the day he finds out…

Seriously, though: I don’t have one. There are certainly people whose work and views I’m passionately opposed to… but there’s no one person who I’d call an arch nemesis. And I don’t want one. I don’t want my life defined by who I hate.


Over at What Would JT Do?, JT Eberhard is doing a series of interviews with the other Freethought Blogs bloggers — and his interview with me went up today. We discuss religion, heroes, fears, weird talents, pillow forts, arch-nemeses, being wrong, that thing with the polar bears, and more. Go check it out!

"That thing with the polar bears": Greta Interviewed at WWJTD?
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5 thoughts on “"That thing with the polar bears": Greta Interviewed at WWJTD?

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    Kool Greta, oddly I found Susie Bright through political bloggers Driftglass and Bluegal and then followed a link from her to get to you originally. Its a small internet after all.

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    Huh. Turns out I can fit my entire fist in my mouth, too.
    Also turns out that the beliefs I had to let go of are the same ones you had to let go of. Only, it was much more recently for me.

    On that note, I have a question for you/everyone here: did you at any point mourn the loss of the “companionship” you felt when you had belief in a higher power? It was never a fear of death that kept me believing in a Benevolent Universe/World-Soul/God/whatever, it was a fear of being alone. The world is a tough place sometimes, and occasionally we find ourselves in a place where we feel no one can be there for us (Depression, for example, but other circumstances cause this as well). In times like this, I used to rely on the knowledge that at least the universe loved me, man! Of course, I understand that I was never receiving love from the universe in those dark and lonely times, I was actually recieving it from myself. But…knowing that, it feels different now. I’m a big girl now, and reality is a much better place to be, but sometimes I still miss my old (phony) pal…

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