Freethought Bloggers Meetup at Skepticon!

Y’all know about Skepticon, right! The totally awesome, totally free atheist/ skeptical conference happening this weekend in Springfield, MO? (Registration is still available, btw, as is room sharing and ride sharing.)

It turns out that five — count ’em, five — bloggers from the Freethought Blogs network are going to be speaking there: PZ Myers, Jen McCreight, JT Eberhard, Richard Carrier (who’s joining the FtB network soon!), and yours truly. And Ed Brayton is joining us for the festivities as well: he’s not speaking, so he gets to just sit back, relax, and throw peanuts at the rest of us. (Other Skepticon speakers, btw, include Rebecca Watson, David Silverman, Dan Barker, Julia Galef, Hemant Mehta, Sam Singleton, David Fitzgerald, and more.)

So we’ve decided to have a meetup! Saturday night at 9:30pm at the Farmers Gastropub, 431 S. Jefferson, suite 160. If you’re coming to Skepticon, come by and hang out! (And if you’re a reader/ commenter, tell me your freaking handle already when you introduce yourself. I don’t want to find out later that I met one of my favorite commenters and didn’t even know it.) I’ll be done with all my talks by then — I’m giving my notorious “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” rant at Skepticon, and I’m on a panel on “How Should Rationalists Approach Death?”, but that’s all going to be on Saturday afternoon — so by Saturday night I’ll be done with my responsibilities and ready for a drink or three. Maybe I’ll even tell you the real story about that whole polar bear thing. Be there!

Freethought Bloggers Meetup at Skepticon!
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8 thoughts on “Freethought Bloggers Meetup at Skepticon!

  1. Wes

    Oh man didn’t realize it was in Springfield this year. I went to Southwest Missouri State (well it was called that back in the day). Dang navy keeping me away from cool things back in MO.

  2. 3

    Would be nice to attend one of these, but not feasible due to distance and expense. Thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s going on and the main topics. I’m just one of the many pulling for you and all the others.

  3. 7


    I just watched video of “Why are you atheists so angry” (on G+, thanks to Atheist Alliance International +page) and I wanted just to say: thank you. That is the best explanation of the problem I have ever heard. And it was funny presentation 🙂

  4. 8

    I just watched that “angry” video too, and thought I’d mention that 1728 is a familiar number. It’s 16*108, which I knew of as the number of “holy names” in a “round” of the Hare Krishna… mantra, or the number of times the mantra must be chanted on beads each day, which is 108 beads times 16 times around. So it was quite possibly a Hare Krishna cult member who wants to annihilate everyone here.

    As a fairly recently ex- Hare Krishna who formerly despised your writing (you can take that as a compliment), I can attest to the incredible mental squeeze “the philosophy” puts upon believers. But still, what a mean thing to say.

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