Greta in Boston and Cambridge, Oct. 22 and 23

One last reminder: I’m going to be in Boston and Cambridge (Massachusetts, not England) the weekend of October 22 and 23rd. I’ll be speaking at Harvard (sponsored by the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard), Boston University (Boston Atheists and Humanists of Boston University), and Tufts (Tufts Freethought Society). I’ll be speaking on the topics of “Atheism and Sexuality” and “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” I’ll be doing Q&A and assorted schmoozing at all the events — so if you’re in the area, come by and say hi! Details are below. (BTW, the location of the Tufts talk has now been announced — see below.)

EVENT/ HOSTS: Boston Atheists and Humanists of Boston University
DATE: Saturday, October 22
TIME: 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Boston University, SED 130
TOPIC: Why Are You Atheists So Angry?
SUMMARY: The atheist movement is often accused of being driven by anger. What are so many atheists so angry about? Is this anger legitimate? And can anger be an effective force behind a movement for social change?
COST: Free

EVENT/ HOSTS: Tufts Freethought Society, Freethought Week III
DATE: Saturday, October 22
TIME: 6:00 pm
LOCATION: Braker Hall 001, Tufts University, Medford/Somerville
TOPIC: Atheism and Sexuality
SUMMARY: The sexual morality of traditional religion tends to be based, not on solid ethical principles, but on a set of taboos about what kinds of sex God does and doesn’t want people to have. And while the sex-positive community offers a more thoughtful view of sexual morality, it still often frames sexuality as positive by seeing it as a spiritual experience. What are some atheist alternatives to these views? How can atheists view sexual ethics without a belief in God? And how can atheists view sexual transcendence without a belief in the supernatural?
COST: Free

EVENT/ HOSTS: Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard
DATE: Sunday, October 23
TIME: Noon
LOCATION: 12 Eliot Street (3rd Floor), Cambridge, MA
TOPIC: Atheism and Sexuality
SUMMARY: See above
COST: Free

Hope to see you there!

Greta in Boston and Cambridge, Oct. 22 and 23

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    Will these events be open to the public? I checked the websites of the organizations involved and didn’t see anything that indicated one way or the other? I’d love to attend, as I’ve been meaning to to get my broke behind involved beyond lurking on websites and engaging my friends in conversation, but I’m not currently a member of any of the organizations hosting these talks.

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