Greta Interviewed on Amanda Marcotte's Podcast

Amanda marcotte
The brilliant and prolific Amanda Marcotte (Pandagon and more) has been doing a podcast series on the Reproductive Health Reality Check website, and this week’s podcast includes (among other things) an interview with me about atheism and sexuality. We talk about the traditional religious view of sexuality, what atheism can offer as an alternative, what atheists uniquely bring to the table in movements for social and sexual change, and more. Check it out!

Greta Interviewed on Amanda Marcotte's Podcast

2 thoughts on “Greta Interviewed on Amanda Marcotte's Podcast

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    Um, where? The RH_realitycast_124.mp3 file I downloaded is 27:25 long, doesn’t appear to be truncated, and I don’t hear Greta anywhere.

    00:00 Opening credits and intro
    00:40 Bill Maher on the 50s
    02:10 Health care reform, filibusters, and tea-baggers
    03:52 Stephen Colbert on filibusters
    04:48 Right-wing media
    06:11 Rush Limbuagh
    07:15 Marissa Meltzer interview (90s pop feminism and music)
    20:38 End of interview
    20:52 Cindy Lauper and Lady Gaga selling lipstick for AIDS in women
    26:10 End of discussion about pop stars promoting sexual health
    26:16 “Wisdom of Wingnuts”featuring Glenn Beck
    27:00 closing credits

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