New Fishnet Story: "Christian Domestic Discipline"

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Please note: This piece, and the piece that it links to, discusses my personal sexual fantasies in some detail. Family members and others who don’t want to read about that, please don’t read this one.

There’s a new story up on Fishnet — and this one is by me! Fishnet is the online erotic fiction magazine that I edit… and this week’s story is by yours truly, the editor. It’s called Christian Domestic Discipline, and here’s the teaser:

The literature says that marital relations will often follow a punishment. It assures her that this doesn’t mean anything sick, that it simply shows the husband’s natural eagerness to be intimate with his wife once his rightful authority has been restored and their relationship has been returned to God’s vision for marriage. But she’s starting to wonder.

To read more of my dirty Christian porn, read the rest of the story. (Not for readers under 18.) Enjoy!

New Fishnet Story: "Christian Domestic Discipline"
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One thought on “New Fishnet Story: "Christian Domestic Discipline"

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    weird, and weirdly hot, and yet the knowledge that such stuff does actually happen and the psychological manipulation….
    do you ever feel guilty for fantasizing about situations which would be (and are) evil when they occur in real life?
    I do. But… the fantasy still gets me hot. Sometimes I wonder if the feeling-somewhat-guilty is actually the point of the fantasy anyway.

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