25 Things I Want (In Bed)

I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s… well, the title and the teaser pretty much spell it out. Note to family members and others who don’t want to read about my personal sex life: You really don’t want to follow the link on this one. It discusses my sex life — or my sexual desires, at any rate — in quite a bit of serious detail, and at some length. It’s called 25 Things I Want (In Bed), and here’s the teaser:

I am stealing this idea shamelessly from Adam Savage of “Mythbusters.” Savage did a reading at a recent Writers With Drinks event, a piece titled (if memory serves) “100 Things I Want.” You might think a piece like that would be self-involved, even whiny, interesting to nobody on Earth but the reader himself. But it was fascinating. It was inspiring. It was a loving and hilarious anthem to optimism, to possibility, to the goofy marvel of the human imagination. And giving it that extra techno- magic- realism touch, it was a whirlwind blend of things that are physically impossible, things that could only happen if Savage devoted his entire life to them, and things that would be entirely within his reach with just a little effort.

But in a freakishly glaring omission, not one of the 100 things on Adam Savage’s list was about sex. (Yeah, I know. Not everyone likes to parade their sexual desires in public. Weirdos.)

So I got inspired. And I decided to share my own list — and keep it entirely sexual. Like adding “in bed” to a fortune cookie fortune.

To find out 25 things I want to do in bed — both possible and completely not — read the rest of the piece. I hope you find it funny and inspiring, and not self-involved and pointlessly confessional. (BTW, if you’re inspired to comment here, please consider cross-posting your comment to the Blowfish Blog. They like comments there, too.) Enjoy!

25 Things I Want (In Bed)
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One thought on “25 Things I Want (In Bed)

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    Wow! Great list. While I can only personally get into about half of them, I certainly can understand your desire for them all.
    And this part is for Ingrid–you are an amazingly supportive partner such that Greta can publish this kind of list. I totally envy the relationship that the two of you have together.

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