New FIshnet Story: "The Truth Hurts"

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Fishnet has a new story up! The online erotic fiction magazine I’m editing, Fishnet, has a new story up for you to enjoy. It’s titled The Truth Hurts, by Mark Pritchard, and here’s the teaser:

Kenny stood rapt for a few minutes, watching Tiffany get it on both ends. It was only when Con pulled out and shot his load across Tiffany’s face that he stopped it. Sex was one thing, but the come shot had lowered it to the level of porn, and good Mormon boys don’t watch porn.

To read more, read the rest of the story. Not for anyone under 18. Also, please be aware: This story contains content that some people may find disturbing, such as non-consent, borderline consent, seriously bodily harm, or incest. If you’re not interested in reading stories with this type of content, please don’t read this one. If you are — have fun!

New FIshnet Story: "The Truth Hurts"
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    I liked it. But the use of the spelling “come” instead of “cum” made it hard for me to enjoy as a sexual work. Kind of like arse. Just pulls me out of the fiction. 😛 I know, silly me.

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