Dream diary, 8/4/09: The singing alarm clock

I dreamed that when my alarm clock went off, instead of making a series of buzzes, it sang. Specifically, it sang about food, making suggestions about what I might eat that day. If I got up right away, it gave me a broad range of suggestions in its song; but every time I hit the snooze, the range of what it told me to eat got narrower and narrower. I hit the snooze four or five times, and it ended up just singing, “Grapes, grapes, grapes, grapes…”

Dream diary, 8/4/09: The singing alarm clock

2 thoughts on “Dream diary, 8/4/09: The singing alarm clock

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    Yesterday when my alarm went off, I was in the middle of a dream. And in my dream, the sound of the alarm was actually someone telling me to get up and reset my alarm for 20 minutes later… so I did. Then when it went off twenty minutes later, I was left wondering why my 9-minute snooze took 20 minutes, until I remembered the dream while I was showering.

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    I once had a dream where I got up, hit the snooze button, switched off the alarm, unplugged the clock…and it still wouldn’t stop buzzing. Then I woke up, alarm still cheerfully going. Arrgh.

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