My Vision for a Sexual World

I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. And I’m taking a somewhat different tack on this one. Instead of a critique or commentary on the sexual culture we have, I thought I’d sketch an outline of the sexual culture I’d like to see. It’s called My Vision for a Sexual World, and here’s the teaser:

Like a lot of sex-positive sex writers, I spend a lot of time ranting and venting about things in our sexual culture that I don’t like.

Today, I want to do something different. Instead of bitching about the sexual culture we have, I’d like to present my vision for the sexual culture I’d like to see.

And the best way I can say it is to put it in a metaphor.

I would like us to treat sexuality — and differences in sexualities — much the same way we treat music.

To find out the details of the sexual world I’d like to see — and why I think music is such a good analogy for it — read the rest of the piece. (And as always, if you feel inspired to comment on this blog, please consider cross- posting your comment to the Blowfish Blog. They like comments there, too.) Enjoy!

My Vision for a Sexual World

One thought on “My Vision for a Sexual World

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    Wow, what a simple and effective analogy :applause:
    I guess it’s time to rewrite classical anti-sex rants in light of the musical comparison: ‘jazz is not natural’, ‘you start with country music and then where do you end? Bagpipes?’, etc.

    I was also reminded of this xkcd strip for some reason 😉

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