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7 thoughts on “I'm on Facebook!

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    Awesome. One more political atheist activist source of material to post in the place where my mom hangs out. Loved your posts since finding you on alternet awhile back.

  2. 3

    Wait, seriously? Even people you don’t know personally?

    Yes. Absolutely. I’m looking at this primarily as a new way to be in touch with my blog readers and to expand that reach. Come on by!

  3. 6

    OK I found you. You’ll get a friend request from “Sweet Tea” – it is I, your faithful reader! (“Sweet Tea” is my DragonCon persona).

  4. 7

    Hi Greta,
    Did you know that if you set Facebook to “pirate english” you look like this? (Lolz @ “superstitions”)
    Fleets: San Francisco, CA
    Be ye a mate or a wench?: Lass
    First Set Sail: Decembarrrr 31, 1961
    Port o’ Origin: Hyde Park, Chicago, IL
    State o’ Affairs: Anchored to Ingrid Nelson
    Piratical Views: Progressive, Big Queer
    Superstitions: Atheist

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