Greta's Podcast Interview with Secular Nation

Secular nation april-june 2009
Want to hear me gas on converse eloquently in dulcet tones about atheism? Not sure what exactly “dulcet” means, but want to hear me talk about atheism anyway? Then check out this podcast interview I did with Secular Nation. Secular Nation, the magazine published by Atheist Alliance International, recently reprinted my Being an Atheist in the Queer Community piece… and they did a podcast to go along with it.

The podcast features the A. in the Q. C. piece being read aloud by David Driscoll, who then interviews me about same-sex marriage, the San Francisco gay scene, being brought up without religion, atheism in the context of social change movements, lesbian cherrypicking, and more… plus, of course, being an atheist in the queer community. It’s a hootenanny, if by “hootenanny” you mean “thoughtful, occasionally funny conversation.” Check it out!

Greta's Podcast Interview with Secular Nation

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    I am listening to this right now, and it’s almost at the end, and I will listen again. Really enjoying it. It’s enlightening. Atheism…that ultimate taboo?

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