Friday Cat Blogging on Saturday: Lydia


Our camera hasn’t been working for a while, which is why I haven’t been doing any cat blogging for a while. But Ingrid and I got camera phones for our birthdays this year (thanks, moms- in- law!), which means I can start cat blogging again. Of course, the very first picture I took with my new camera phone was a picture of one of our cats.

This is Lydia, sitting next to me on the couch. I think it turned out well, especially for a first photo with a new phone. It’s a very classic Lydia expression: very intent, and at the same time very blank. Looking like she wants something very badly, but isn’t quite sure what. That’s our girl.

Friday Cat Blogging on Saturday: Lydia

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    So… what kind of camera phones?
    I’m hoping to turn the comment thread into a gadget war of some sort! I mean, what use are comment threads on the internet, if not to argue about gadget superiority?

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