The John McCain Sex Scandal: The Blowfish Blog

I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s about John McCain’s record on issues having to do with sex… and what it says about his trustworthiness as President, on any issue.

It’s titled The John McCain Sex Scandal, and here’s the teaser:

Sorry for the inflammatory headline. No, I’m not going to talk about John McCain’s purported affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman. There’s not enough evidence, and in any case, I just don’t care all that much.

No. The scandal I’m talking about today is John McCain’s record on issues having to do with sex.

Which is, in a word, scandalous.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

To find out exactly what John McCain’s record is on issues of sexual liberty, sexual civil rights, sexual health, and access to sexual information — and to find out why it makes him a less trustworthy leader in any arena — read the rest of the piece. Enjoy!

The John McCain Sex Scandal: The Blowfish Blog

3 thoughts on “The John McCain Sex Scandal: The Blowfish Blog

  1. 1

    Great post. Barring the possibility that McCain’s positions on sexual freedom are completely unconnected to his positions on freedom in general, one has to wonder what freedoms, if any, he actually endorses. It looks like they would make a very short list.

  2. 2

    Not surprising. These people talk in an upside-down world. It’s all spin: oppression=freedom, patriarchy=family.
    Do you know if his positions have changed significantly from pre-2000 (ie. before he slide comfortably up to the fundamentalist teat)?

  3. 3

    here’s how the racists and queer bashers at Breitbart’s trash us…pass it on
    West Hollywood – FREAKS!
    “You can take West Hollywood and most of Mexifornia and flush the cesspool down the toilet”
    Guess you TARDS don’t realise LGBTs and Latino/as who McLOSER is desperately trying to get their votes
.read your GARBAGE.
    So when McLOSER loses Arizona, and when Cornyn loses his seat in TX
take a G*D DAMN bow for angering Latino/as.
    btw. WHERE is anal leakage Santorum you’re numero uno gay basher?
oh yeah we Tossed him and his weepy fat fugly kids too.
    WHERE is J D Hayworth you’re MAJOR MEXICAN BASHER?
    Oh yeah, he’s working at a car wash
    and WHERE will be Norm Coleman the homobigot, Liddy Dole the empty wig, and Miss Mitch McConnel your minority QUEEN
out on their butts!
    PLEASE bring out Boehner to CRY when all the Repigs fall down and can’t get up
bunch of LOSERS!

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